Friday, July 10, 2009

guest teaching for Barron Storey

So today was the day that my deep buddy Mike Mano and i got to sit in for the legendary Barron Storey's pre-college class at CCA (california college of arts). We did it for him one day last year also and both times have felt super, super rewarding. Not just rewarding, what's that other word... oh ya, AWESOME. Getting to hang out with these youngsters for a few hours and tell them what we know about going to school, life after school, and talking about things like the importance of looking at other artists all the time and figuring out what you want to do with your art was all so sweet.

Mike and i have both agreed we'd love to get into this teaching racket somehow, we're just not sure how or what we can really bring to the table right now anyways. But man, after spending time with some of these kids who are just overwhelmingly pumped to learn whatever you have to teach them and seem to genuinely appreciate your input, it's easy to see how some of my old teachers got to be so passionate!

Oh ya, i pulled out a handful of goodies for them to play with and got some sweet souvenirs in my back pocketbook <3


  1. Yo Tim!
    Itd be so cooool if you become a teacher!! I'd so be in it, cuz you know, you're totally bomb lol

    Really though, thanks for coming into my class. It was a LOT of fun and you two are so incredibly talented. Stop by more! :)

    Lots of love, stay in contact,

  2. haha thanks. mike and i will see if Barron will let us stop by again before you guys scatter to the winds again