Monday, August 3, 2009


  1. Man that pink pen must taste deeeeelicious.

    Hopefully your art slump goes away fast; i wanna see that pocket sketch book of yours get filled! :D plus, sometimes it just takes a huge kick in the ass to get rolling again, and everyone knows those are a pain. but i know you can do it! well i hope anyway, for the sake future pink pen doodles.

    i really want to see some more comic pages! i have such a huge appreciation for the way you use darks now.
    I started working on a short comic this week and I've sketched everything and inked some, but when I step back I think, "Shit... this is shit!"
    All i have right now are black lines...whats a good way to tone? The person I drew has black I have to fill each panel? :( Im pretty afraid of screwing up. heeeeelp?

  2. haha hey minnie! you can tone your pictures with some kind of hatching technique or ink washes (like mike does) or, if you're feeling gutsy, screentones! (those dot patterns you see in a lot of japanese comics) i tried tones one year; they're tough to use but look so cool

    there's a cool book on inking that you might want to check out called "the Art of Comic Book Inking" by Gary Martin. it gives some really REALLY good info on line weights and hatching and all that good stuff

    as for worrying about screwing up, i'd say don't worry too much about it. i've really been learning this last year that our "mistakes" are our art forcing us to try new and exciting things! embrace them!!