Monday, September 28, 2009

comic stuff

hey everyone. here are un-touched up scans of the cover and a page from the comic. there are still like six pages i need to scan/photograph and the back cover to paint (which will be so fun!! i'm seriously psyched!!), then i'm going to strategically insert some text and send this thing off the printers!! whose printers remains to be seen...

thanks for stopping by! see you at APE!!


  1. Looking pretty good! One might even go so far as to say purchase worthy.

  2. looking great a graphic designer for consulting when you decide to design your cover (hint hint hint hint hint hint hint)

  3. hahaha! i'm going to strong arm this first printing myself, but i'll definitely include a graphic designer next time around ;D

    i just want this first one to say, "i MADE this. with my HANDS. (...and a printer and a couple computers, but that's neither here nor there really)"