Monday, October 19, 2009

APE wrapup

so the Alternative Press Expo is all done with, and even though i was only there Saturday i had a blast! i was only able to make 20 copies of my book, since i hand-coated each page with Golden digital ground and set the printer at maximum print capabilities, so it took a million years to print each side, but the few books that are out there look amazing and i TRULY appreciate everyone who was willing to shell out that $25 price tag for them

thanks a ton everyone!! stay in touch and i'll try and give you something special <3 (once i figure out what it is, haha!)

at the con i got to meet Allen Spiegel (rep of tons of KILLER artists and real cool guy) and give him one of my books, as well as Carl Wyckaert of, who is the fella who has been (re)publishing books by the legendary Barron Storey and is a total sweetheart. i met him a few years ago while i was in Barron's sequential art class and had been planning on sending a copy of my book to him in Belgium, but he was AT the con so i got to talk to him in person!! kismet, anyone??

also at the con, our table was right next to Steve Oliff, a super cool guy who has been coloring comics for years and had a bunch of original color comps for sale. it was so so much fun talking to him, since it's not often you get to meet someone who did that kind of stuff and most of us don't REALLY know how comics got colored before the digital era. and he was just fun to talk to all around. i bought a color comp of one of the american Akira pages from him!

so ya, you can bet i'll be back next year, probably with my pals Mike and Jose again. Mike made a KILLING selling his awesome diver prints and Jose sold a bunch of his delicious handmade sketchbooks

now that the APE dust has settled, i finally get to get back to drawring and painting stuff. i'll try and get my comic pages online some time soon, and i'll try to post better updates of my progress here in the future

that's it for now! thanks for stopping by!! <3

**oh yea, i should mention that the remaining books are still for sale and i'll have pictures of them as soon as i can. there will be a limited amount of new copies printed, but probably on an as-needed basis since the things really do take me a ton of time and effort to make

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  1. Dude whaat! is that like an authentic Akira page or like an example of his coloring? Either way, thats so SICK. i am quite envious :0
    even envious of your book. what a beauty man, congrats on it. anything handmade with so much care is just amazing.
    it was fun seeing you there! I want to get a table at these things one day, it seems like soo much fun. maybe these cons will be our method of communication haha If i ever find myself in Oakland, im excepting free sketchbooks and a converstaion. :)
    I'll try and check up here as much as I can , your work never disappoints. :D I dont wanna be a stranger! (though seriously, my last year of highschool is killer fun and just a plain killer. 4 AP classes.. wtf am i thinking?!)
    K bye!