Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it liiivvveessss...

hey everybody. so i really and truly AM still alive out here in oakland-land, and i really and truly AM working on a big old project stew that's been brewing for the last few months. i've got walls and walls full of drawings just waiting to get all painted up and made into a new comic for all of you beautiful people. pictures are coming soon, i promise!!

mark your calendars, march 21st the first "half" of my new book will be... around, and shortly thereafter i'll hopefully have the rest of it all ready to go. i'll even take the time to figure out how to print AFFORDABLE copies of the things

other than my usual dreams of comic book success, i've been sllooowwwlly working on some other paintings/drawings and even trying to score a teaching job with my good buddy Mike Mano. combine all that with the best living situation i've had in my entire life, and things are looking UP!

that's enough blathering for now. check back soon and i'll have some pretty pictures for you folks

thanks for stopping by! (sorry for the extended absence, i'll try not to do it again)

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