Monday, March 22, 2010



this morning i was awakened at 8:45 by a phone call from my student loan company, which i was none too happy about because last night was Belgian beer night and i wanted to sleep in. i rejected the call and my phone rang AGAIN a minute later, but this time it was my good buddy Michael Mano calling to say i got into SPECTRUM 17

heck ya. i can't wait to find out which piece was selected!

in other news, i completely missed my projected due date for getting the first 20 pages of my new book done. i got tanked by a Martian super-virus for a week or so, then had to do a bunch of real work at my dayjob (i.e. had to go to bed at a reasonable hour ;_; ), then totally got kidnapped by Morlocks and forced to work in a salt mine until i managed to pick the lock on my shackles with a bobby pin i found in my morning gruel

thanks for stopping by! the next post will have pictures of some things i've been working on recently, i promise!!

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