Wednesday, April 7, 2010


over the weekend i realized that the drawings for my next comic page weren't as good as i wanted them to be, so i set out to fix them!

for the most part, the page only has two figures sitting on a fallen tree somewhere waaaaay out in the ocean. the figures were way too stiff and didn't really fit together so i spent what felt like forever on monday fixing them up

(it was just one of those days when it took more time than it should have to redraw one dude sitting on a log :B )

the page as a whole wasn't composed very effectively either, so i moved the figures around to change the page from a couple hanging out on a log in the ocean... a couple hanging out on a log in a VAST ocean. having them on the right hopefully makes readers see all of that water first and gives the sea some magnitude (unless you read from right to left or bottom to top, or BOTH) . it will work differently in print, since that entire left page will be nothing but ocean

(i also redrew the guy's face in the bottom right)

so now you all know that i really DO think about things while i'm drawing pretty pictures. important things, like which side of a monsters mouth slime gathers in when its head is tilted and wind is blowing up from beneath its chin

see you next time!


  1. I think moving the horizon lower on the page and exposing more sky might make the ocean seem more vast. Changing the perspective from more of a looking down view to one looking out in the distance. Then again, I'm too sure that would be too great of an idea with both images on the right page which is do think is a great move.

  2. thanks for the input!

    i had played with thumbnails where the horizon was lower and found that moving it higher and stationing the woman where she is gave the whole thing this epic feel that i was hoping for. and it doesn't hurt that it gave some breathing room between the figures in the back and the ones in the front

  3. grim! check your email please!
    sorry i cant write more but i sent a pretty important letter to ya! haha