Monday, April 19, 2010

spectrum update

alright, it looks like the pieces (as in more than one?!) that got accepted into this years Spectrum are two which, for some reason, weren't already on the blahg here:

(i'm still totally in love with this spread)

in related news, i made a list of the paintings i need to get done to have the current project finished by APE and it looks like i'm going to be BUSY for the next few months. i've been working on ways to pick up the pace on these things and it's been working, to an extent. writing out a plan of attack for a given page has been pretty effective. the last one read something like:

paint trees in back
paint HER
paint forest in bottom left
paint forest on top
*during breaks, paint 9/10 (hand) or do water studies

...and repeat until finished.

thanks for stopping by! get psyched!!


  1. Do you know when spectrum will be available?

  2. the letter i got said it's hitting shelves in November!