Monday, October 18, 2010

A.P.E. part two: pictures

we got to the convention center around nine in the morning to set up. i donned my trusted headband and prepared for the day ahead (headband and pictures courtesy of the lovely and amazing Stef Boone)

my roommate, sculptor, photographer, and entrepreneur Lea Zalinskis set her stuff up quickly and was ready to slay the hordes with her photographs of sculptures made of photographs and wool (they're cool, check 'em out!)

a few tables away, my pals Jose Moreno and Michael Manomivibul were working furiously to get their stuff ready. if you want a killer screenprint or need a custom, handmade sketchbook, email Jose immediately. if you are into sea creatures, check Michael out right now

before long i had my stuff set up and was ready to rock and roll

look at these incredible five foot tall banners that my friend and publishing partner Andrew McCormick of Chronophobia got for me! that sketchbook in my hands now contains my first ever con sketch. i hope Ryan comes back to ask for another sketch in a few years, i should be way better by then!!

and lastly, here's me standing like a gaping-mouthed nerd as Allen Spiegel writes some important info in my personal sketchbook. if you look closely, you might see a familiar comic book under his arm ;)

the show was tons of fun. everywhere i looked there was great art and cool stuff and i really, REALLY wish i could have walked around and visited with people more. maybe next year...

next week i should have my official website and internet shop set up, so check back soon!! thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Grim you are sooo amazing. I just finished your comic and I am awestruck. Howd you do it?!? Augh Im so inspired to draw!
    Ive been passing around your comic to friends at the dorm, you are a star :)
    It was great seeing you and mike (and blowing my cash on your stuff lol) It was soo worth it though. Im writing something on my tumblr about you two as I type this haha You have a fan in me man, Love Story in the Woods is exactly the kind of comic i love. I really want a copy of eclipse as well! Etta is so cool and you draw her so well.

    Ah, maybe I'll get a REAL comic done soon....

    Anyhoo, congrats on the success of APE. I cant wait til you ditch blick and make Grim Wilkins a household name (or at least a cool indie cult favorite lol)

    also, if you'd ever like some help at the table, I'd be more than glad to be at your service (for the price of a copy of that years comic! haha) I can man the table as you run around and check out the other artist. I really don't mind working tables for you folks : )

  2. thanks a ton, Minnie!

    how'd i do it?? sacrificed ALL my free time outside of Bleeaaccchh drawing comics :B

    and you know, i might have to take you up on that table-helper offer. leaving the table for 5 minutes and returning to my roommate telling me someone was bummed that they couldn't get their book signed sucked big time. i bet you could stall them better until i got back

    anyways...thanks for your support, talk to you soon, keep hyping that book!!