Sunday, October 17, 2010

A.P.E. (the quick and short of it)

i spent all weekend hocking my book, Love Story in the Woods, at the Alternative Press Expo and can't help feeling like it was a total success! i sold a bunch of books, met a ton of awesome people, and when i approached Allen Spiegel (rep of about half my favorite artists) to give him a copy of the book he totally recognized me from last year!! not only that, but he came back and bought another one!!

other personal highlights include the incredible Shelly Wan purchasing a book and telling me that she really likes my work, and my first ever con sketch for Ryan of Eidolon Fine Arts. his sketchbook was full of stuff by heavyweights like Jim Mahfood and Nathan Fox, and now it's got some dweeby drawing by Grim Wilkins. HA!

i'll give you guys a more in-depth post with pictures in the next day or two, along with info on how to buy books, prints and t-shirts online, but for now i have to leave you with the blurry picture i took at 7am yesterday morning before the con

thanks for stopping by, and huge thanks to everyone who talked to me or bought a book this weekend. i really can't put into words how much i appreciate it!!


  1. dude, SO PROUD OF YOU. keep it up, and if you got a moment we can work out a story when i get back :)


  2. heck ya!! right now is actually a perfect time to be getting together for a little short story :D