Thursday, November 4, 2010

con sketches and public appearances

a couple of people managed to convince me to do little drawings in the back of the books they bought from me. here's what one lucky girl got for her efforts:

in related news, i will be making a special guest appearance at my old school in the great Owen Smith's class next wednesday. i'll have sketches and tissue drawings galore, and will talk about acrylic mediums as well as what to expect from life after school

here's another random sketchbook drawing to keep things interesting:

lastly, i'll be dropping a few copies of Love Story in the Woods off at my neighborhood comic book store tomorrow, so if you're in Oakland get down to Dr. Comics and Mr. Games and support your local comic book artist!

thanks for stopping by! official webstore and online portfolio coming soon!


  1. i feel like i need to go to the comic store sometime and take a picture of my book on the shelf, just so i can be as nerdy as possible