Monday, November 15, 2010

progress is slow this month

i've been working hard to get things rolling on my current comic story, but MAN have there been a lot of distractions lately. nevertheless, here's a scan of a sketch for an upcoming page. it's missing a big component in the top left that i drew on another paper, as well as most of the background information, but here's a little glimpse of what my life looks like:

i should also mention that i've been getting closer and closer to making my book available online. my good friend in Chicago helped me test payments with Paypal, and while everything seems to be working fine i still need to fine tune the shipping end of things before i start accepting money from people. in the meantime, anyone interested in buying a book should definitely just email me

i've been trying to avoid putting all of the Love Story pages on the blahg, but since it's taken us longer than expected to get the official online i feel like i should drop a few pictures on here:

it's weird showing the pictures in their full splendor like this, since they're intended to be folded in the middle and made into two page spreads, but they still look okay and you can at least get an idea of what to expect

ANYWAYS, that all took longer to write than i expected!! thanks to everyone who has bought a book or taken the time to look through it and told me what you thought. it means a lot!!

thanks for stopping by!!

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