Friday, December 17, 2010

scan-o-rama and other attractions

i just spent the last hour and a half scanning drawings and fixing them up in photoshop. The photoshopping only takes a few minutes, the scanning, on the other hand, takes FOREVER. I was going to buy a drum machine with my christmas bonus, but i guess my Icelandic doom-grind album will have to wait until i get that new scanner ;_;

here's how things look right now:

I'd post more, but they're pretty uninteresting all by themselves. For this little story i resolved to have all of the drawings done before painting any of the pages, and while this process works beautifully to keep everything cohesive it also creates huge gaps between periods when i paint and periods when i draw. Ideally, i would take a day or two to paint something every week, but when i have so little time outside of my dayjob it's hard to commit that time to painting practice when i could be using it to get that much closer to completing all of the drawings.

Essentially, time management is not my greatest strength.

And a quick update for those of you out there who haven't bought a copy of my graphic novel, Love Story in the Woods: about half of them have been bought! Seriously!! I've still got at least a hundred of them here, but I haven't begun my epic promotional campaign (AKA "Project: Grim puts his life savings into a handful of priority mail envelopes") so that number is subject to change in the new year.

please don't laugh at my pitiful marketing attempts

This weekend i'll have a much deeper, thoughtful blahg post about upcoming comic projects.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Grimmy
    I just contacted my city's local comic book store (Heroes & Villains) about carrying your comic.
    To be honest, I JUST wrote them, so I haven't gotten a response, but I just thought I'd tell you hahah
    I'm trying my hardest to get your name out there!!!!!
    Good luck with everything, I know working a day job totally takes away from comics, which require days and days of intensive labor. Hopefully this holiday will be a good break :)
    See ya soon!

  2. Hey Grim!
    My local comicbook shop got back to me about carrying your comic and they said yes! All we gotta do now is get some books down there. Let me know I'd I can be of any help or your delivery girl!!
    The comic shop is called Heroes & Villains in Pleasanton
    here is there address:
    264 mainstreet

    you can get to Pleasanton from rockridge Bart but the shop is still in downtown Pleasanton... Eh email me if you find a solution because I know it's a bit tricky of a situaion!

  3. Just found your art through spectrum. I really dig your stuff. Are you doing any midwest cons this year?

  4. Thanks a lot! Both of you!! :D

    I hadn't even thought about midwest cons this year. Heck, I haven't really thought about ANY cons outside of A.P.E. and the other local stuff. Maybe once I get into a better situation, financially and otherwise, I'll get better about these things haha

    Thanks again Minnie! We'll have to talk sometime, probably at the store. Way to kick butt!