Sunday, January 2, 2011

three weeks and three hundred dollars later...

...and i've got a working computer again!!

So 2010 wrapped up while i was gone, and i don't know about anyone else but i kicked a ton of butt last year. I got into Spectrum, hunkered down and painted a 52 page monster, got that thing professionally printed, showed it to some industry juggernauts, and met a ton of awesome people along the way. Top it all off with New Year's Eve at that random sushi restaurant in SF and the killer game of drunken Jenga the night before, and 2010 was probably the best year i've seen in this little life so far!

Now it's 2011 and i've got people asking me what i'm working on next and if i've been talking to publishers and when i'm going to Europe to talk business overseas.

Here come some bullet points!

-in 2011 i'm going to finish the little 14-page comic i've been working on, then i'm going to get to work on my next long story. Since the long story can be divided into "chapters," i'm going to try and finish the first chapter and start hocking it to publisher-types while i work on the next chapter. I can't give away any details on that thing just yet, since i'm really paranoid about that stuff, but rest assured it will be good and make everyone happy :)

-I actually haven't been talking to publishers yet, but it's primarily because i was hoping to have the official online by the end of 2010 and it never happened because of FTP problems and the untimely demise of my old computer. Soon, though!!

-while i definitely need to get overseas and talk shop with some international comics people, money doesn't seem to hang around my wallet for very long and it will be a while before i've got the funds for a business trip. Not to mention i haven't gotten around to making a list of people to try and meet with when i got there, and i have no idea if it's even realistic to think i can GET people to meet with me. I submitted work to a cool French publication a couple days before my computer died, so that's at least one step in the right direction!

I hate to leave you guys without any new pictures, but i can't access anything from my old hard drive just yet and i don't have photoshop to resize pictures right now anyways. I'm actually going to spend the rest of the night installing drivers for my printer, scanner, and all the other doodads that hang out around here :B

ANYWAYS, thanks again for stopping by and have an amazing new year!!

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