Monday, February 21, 2011

International news brief (and a super late Valentine's Day to you)

A while back I mentioned briefly that I submitted work to a cool French publication, and it looks like I got in!!

The book in question is the newest artbook that the CFSL folks are putting together, and I couldn't be more excited to be on the list of accepted artists. From the moment I decided to really go for it and dive head first into comics, I knew I would need to look beyond the U.S. if I wanted to be successful whatsoever. However, I don't know any other languages and don't really know anybody in other countries. I kept seeing CFSL referenced by killer artists like Veronique Meignaud and Emmanuel Malin and wondered how I could get in on that community, and this seems like a pretty solid first step!

In unrelated news, here's a drawing I gave to a very special friend over the weekend

Also! Everyone will be happy to know that I started thumbnailing pages for the new comic so there should be good stuff coming your way soon. Get pumped!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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