Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Story in the Woods has arrived in the UK!!

Just wanted to let my U.K. fans know that my books have officially arrived at Travelling Man!! No one in the world is as psyched as me right now!!

Check them out here!!

I hope people enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed making them, but without all the stress :P

Thanks for your continued support, everyone!!


  1. Grimmmmmm
    congrats on getting your comics out to England!! How exciting and amazing ahhh!!!!!! It is definitely well deserved. and holy balls, that description of you IS flattering haha miyazaki! kent williams!

    Keep on updating this blog, i love watching your career take flight :D

    Congrats again!!

  2. Thanks a ton Minnie!

    A couple days ago I emailed one of my favorite comic artist/writers (Phil Hester), and after looking at the pics on the blog here he said that I should let him know when I'm ready to collaborate on something with him!! :O

    Btw keep showing me your illustration projects as you finish them. It's exciting watching our star student progress :D