Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sam Weber/Jillian Tamaki aftermath

Seeing Sam Weber and Jillian Tamaki on Tuesday was amazing! They were the first people in a long LONG time to get me excited about illustration in general again. For the last year or two I've felt like I wasn't cut out to be a normal editorial/book cover/etc illustrator and comics were all that really interested me, but the two of them really made it, for lack of a better term, COOL to me again.

I grabbed Sam after he gave his demo and told him how seeing his work helped set me on the course to where I am now and gave him a copy of Love Story in the Woods. I can't believe how nervous I was in the first ten seconds I talked to him, it was ridiculous!

Anyways, I'm definitely going to start making more non-comics work this year alongside the comics stuff I'm already doing. I'll do at least one right after I finish the first five or six pages of the current comic, and here's the sketch for the second page!!

I have an unhealthy obsession with writing down song lyrics that sound profound while I'm drawing.

ALSO: I may be sending more books to another comic shop overseas soon!! I don't want to give away any details and jinx my pants off, but Western Europe might want to start getting pumped!! :O

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. GRIM
    that page is BEAUTIFULLL. im totally in love man
    ahh i cannot wait to see it finished ohh godddd its gonna be sick