Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sam Weber this tuesday! (and a handful of life drawings)

This Tuesday at 7pm, , Sam Weber will be coming to lecture with the lovely and talented Jillian Tamaki at my old school, CCA. To say I'm super stoked about this one is an understatement!

When I was just getting out of school, I was a reasonably skilled painter/illustrator but I hadn't found any style/process that I really enjoyed doing, so I set out to find that special something. Finding Sam Weber's work was more than a little influential in helping me figure out how to lay down some serious textures while keeping my drawings intact, which had always been a major goal of mine. I swear that his "Carried Away" picture changed my life, haha!

Anyways, I'll probably geek out about Sam later this week, for now here are a few life drawings from a couple weeks ago

Thanks for stopping by!! If you're in the bay area, GO TO THAT LECTURE!!

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