Monday, April 4, 2011

Grim Wilkins meets Stuart Ng (for the second time)

I went to WonderCon in SF this weekend to take a look around and stopped at the magnificent Stuart Ng's shop to say hi. We talked for a minute and he ended up buying the seven copies of Love Story in the Woods that I happened to have with me just then to sell in his store!!

Somewhere under all that beautiful brown hair I'm repeatedly thanking Stuart's unending generosity

This is awesome. Stuart Ng sells the most beautiful and amazing books I've ever seen, and now my work is one of them, haha!!

While I was at his shop I finally saw a CFSL artbook in person. They're gigantic! And gorgeous!!! I can't believe my work will be in one of those in a couple months :O

Thanks for stopping by!! Get psyched!!


  1. Grim,
    you're such an inspiration to me!
    Expect cookies for Blick employees soon :)
    (ps. your blog is the BEST for procrastination during finals!!! :D)

  2. new website is absolutely stunning btw!

  3. Officially using MinnieCupcake/blogspot seriously now... haha you'll probably be reading my random comments more often... yippie! :D my first post was dedicated to you haha