Saturday, April 30, 2011

Page five

I'm never sure how interested people are in seeing the early stages of my process, but here's the drawing for an upcoming comic page that's not too far from completion

She'll be wearing some kind of cloth over her butt in the final drawing. Probably

All of the major components are in place, all that's left is to dial in all of the background/foreground elements and create an interesting composition with my lights and darks.

I've been trying to finish drawing a handful of pages before painting them up, and I just wrapped up about three so hopefully you'll be seeing some FINISHED pages soon.

Aaaaand I just realized I haven't told you guys the plan for the next few months: I'm trying to get a decent chunk of my new book done by A.P.E. so that I can have a little teaser book to show, since there's no way I can have the whole thing done by October (it's going to be serious!). I wish I could have a whole new book to hock, but these things take me a while to make and I'm not about to compromise the quality of my work!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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