Monday, August 8, 2011

Grim Wilkins' triumphant return to the internet

No, I wasn't trying to avoid you guys, I just haven't had internet at my house for the last month and a half. Here's a super quick summary of my life since the last time we talked:

-cataclysmic roommate fiasco! You ever have a bad roommate go REALLY bad? This is probably the third time it's happened to me, but the first time I had to call the cops :|

-got published in France!

Go get a copy of CFSL Artbook 05!

-the band Old Soul asked to use my Tsunami painting for their forthcoming album!

...and I've been working furiously to get new work done to take to A.P.E. with my good pal and incredible artist, Dean Stuart. Progress on the new work has been sssllloooowwwww, and there are two main reasons for that:

The first is that I'm trying new stuff with these new paintings (like painting in color for the first time in like two years), and the second is that it was much MUCH harder coming up with a handful of amazing new ideas than I thought it would be. When I'm working on a comic, I pretty much know what I should be doing on the next drawing/painting and just need to make it happen. Pulling awesome concepts out of the ether is substantially harder than I remember it being (I spent almost three weeks working on a drawing that didn't work AT ALL)

Regardless, I've been working hard and things are starting to materialize. I haven't scanned/photographed much of it yet, but here's a deer-like creature that you'll be seeing more of soon

Alright, that took way too long and I need to get to work on some arts. It's good to see you again and I hope you'll be back soon.

Thanks for checking it out!!

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