Monday, October 3, 2011

A.P.E. 2011 Wrapup

The Alternative Press Expo has come and gone and I definitely had a ton of fun. I got to meet some super cool people and see some really good stuff, despite only leaving my table for like 30 minutes the entire time.

A.P.E. saw the debut of a handful of new paintings by your favorite comic artist,

(this last painting will be on display this week for the big Illustration Alumni Show at my old school, CCA. Check it out if you're in the area, there will be a bunch of great stuff to look at)

I spent most of my "free" time at APE making original drawings on the covers of the preview books for my forthcoming graphic novel. Most of the books went to industry superpowers like Ryan from Eidolon Fine Arts and Stuart Ng himself, but a few managed their way into the hands of killer illustrators like the truly incredible hulk, John Mathis. Here are a few of the covers I managed to crank out:

Aaaand in case anyone was wondering what sort of thing takes place inside of said graphic novel preview....

In all, A.P.E. was a great time and got me super SUPER pumped to make new work. I feel like I've been slowly getting a better idea of what I need to do with my art, and talking to the certain people this weekend made it clear to me.

Get psyched, we're going huge.

Thanks for stopping by!!

*ALSO, prints of my new work, as well as more previews of the new book with original drawings on the cover will be up for sale in my online shop very soon!


  1. I always get so psyched about art when I visit Grim Wilkins beautiful art blog! For real! Thank you!

  2. Whao thanks a million Meredith!

    I've long believed that my naive enthusiasm and belief that if I genuinely work hard enough then there's no possibility of failure were my greatest gifts, and it's a pretty amazing feeling when I know that I'm getting other people psyched too.