Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grim Wilkins has the greatest fans

Every week my good pal Chris "the Killer" Koehler has his illustration students do a self-portrait in the style of an artist they admire, and just last week his student Michelle Lagasca unleashed this beauty inspired by none other than yours truly!

There's nothing quite like the feeling I get from knowing that my work is inspiring others to do new and awesome work. I love it!

Aaaand just so everyone out there knows I'm doing work also, here's the linework for a piece I'm working on:

It's been tricky trying to get comics stuff done while making a "professional" (I use the term loosely) illustration portfolio, but it will be worth it. IT WILL.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Two things, I absolutely LOVE the new pages of mirenda you've posted... fucking beautiful and oh so brilliant! So glad to see you're still pumpin out killer work:)
    second,Michelle is a total sweetheart and shes so stoked about beingo your wesbite....super cute ad super awesome!
    ah,geez i miss ya so much grimmy. hope you've been alright!!!!!!!! est of luck with everything!

  2. Thanks Minnie!

    I haven't seen your stuff in a while, but I'm sure you're kicking butt out there.

    I'll probably be visiting Chris Koehler's Ill1 class next Weds. If you're on the SF campus you should stop by!