Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special guest appearance tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be stopping by Chris "the Crippler" Koehler's illustration class to crit some comic pages they did and talk about other art/life-related things. Talking to students is always a lot of fun, and Chris is an amazing teacher who has gotten his students super stoked so this one should be extra great.

Chris is filling in teaching for Allfather of Illustration Barron Storey this semester, and from what I've seen and heard he's doing absolutely fabulously.

Check out his students' work here!

His students are blowing my Illustration 1 work out of the water, and it will be interesting to see these folks progress. With any luck I'll be able to positively influence a few of them with my overabundant enthusiasm and nonsensical painting techniques.

Aaaand here's a piece I did at a life drawing session a few months ago

Thanks for stopping by!

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