Monday, February 13, 2012

the Sketchbutt and Jenna

Anyone who knows me knows that I carry a little sketchbook in my back pocket so I can jot down any noteworthy things along the day. I've been trying to make sure and start a new one every year for the last few years, and this year I upgraded to a super sleek gold chrome model!

Each year so far the books have gone from a complete mess of written notes and doodles to deeply introspective one-liners with impeccable font-practice. This newest book seems to be a pretty solid mix of everything I've done before, but with more random horned animals:

This is the first one I've made myself, and there are three or four different kinds of paper in it!

Tonight I'm getting busy with Mirenda! Here's a taste of what passes for a "finished" composition in my house:

Lastly, and most amazingly, my girlfriend and incredible multidisciplinary artist Jenna Trost won an award from the Society of Illustrators!! Check it out!

I couldn't be more proud :D

So much good stuff going on right now. Thanks for stopping by!!

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