Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grim returns from New York, moves out of his house, starts new paintings

I'm in the middle of unpacking all of my belongings at my new place and I figured I should stop by and show you all what became of those paintings you saw last month:

I spent what little time we had in our hotel room in Manhattan putting together books! I stained the cloth before I left Oakland, then put the pages together and stamped the covers in the wee hours.

The books have all of your favorite new paintings...

Along with one never before seen outside of my studio walls! :O

As for New York City hijinks...

Jenna and I met JC Leyendecker,

...and we saw a gigantic pig.

There were a bunch of other things we did, but I haven't gotten the pictures back from our other camera yet. In the meantime, hope everyone is having a stellar summer so far!

Thanks for stopping by!

ALSO, I've got a Tumblr and a Twitter page now, just in case the Grim blahg simply isn't doing it for you.

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  1. Hopefully you had a chance to see the David Grove work at SI too since it was just put up this past week.

  2. Ah man I was definitely gone by then. We were really only in town to see the student show; everything else we did was icing on the cake!