Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guest teaching for Barron Storey 2012

A couple weeks ago I was asked by legendary hall of fame illustrator Barron Storey to substitute teach his pre-college class while he was away at Comic-Con in San Diego. I've done this once every summer for the last four years and usually have my pal Submersible Michael Manomivibul beside me, but he's eating delicious food and concocting his latest original picture story in Thailand right now and couldn't make it. Luckily, the beautiful and generous Jenna Trost was ready for the challenge!

The kids this year were totally bananas. If I was that good at drawing when I was 17 then I'd be Velasquez by now. Seriously, some of these students were better than people I went to college with. If any of them are reading this thing right now, feel free to say hello Jenna or I and we'll be stoked to get back to you!

Meanwhile, back in my art career, Scott Morse said I was rad on Twitter.

I'm also getting five or six new paintings together, then I've got a short story I need to illustrate, and after that I'm getting back to work on my Mirenda graphic novel. Expect big things.

And since entirely too many people are unfamiliar with the name Barron Storey, here's a very very quick introduction:

Barron has done legendary book and magazine covers,

Is one of a very few prestigious artists hired by NASA and the National Geographic Society,

And has sketchbooks full of more stunning art than most museums.

To say I feel privileged to have studied under Barron is an understatement. To say I'm proud that he trusts me with is students and shows them my work doesn't even come close.

Thanks for stopping by! If Barron comes to your town, attend that lecture!

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