Thursday, September 13, 2012

A.P.E. 2012 primer

Alternative Press Expo 2012 is officially one month away and it's about time you got pumped about it. As if my presence there wasn't enough to get your knees shaking, the following stellar artists / close, personal friends of mine are going to be in attendance too:

Jenna Trost
Michael Manomivibul
Dean Stuart
Alex Rosmarin
Jose Moreno
Kevin Wada
Colin Nitta and Laura Ramie

They're some of the sweetest people I know and definitely worth saying hello to, and once you see what they've got on their tables you'll be glad you did.

And while these guys need no introduction, don't miss the Eidolon Fine Arts and Stuart Ng tables, they'll blow your socks off.

Not excited yet? Well what if I told you that me, Mike Mano, and most of the artists I just mentioned (along with a few I didn't) are making art celebrating our favorite Street Fighter characters? I don't want to give anything away too early, but there might be a red cyclone at my table :O

See you there!



  2. Thanks dude!!! I'm pretty freaking excited myself, looking forward to seein your badass interpretation of the red russian wrestler!