Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grim paints weird picture, learns a lot about painting

With APE looming in just over a month, I've got more than enough stuff to keep me super super busy. Despite that, I somehow got hung up on this one painting. I knew pretty early on that this thing wasn't going to do anything for my career as a legendary comic book artist, but I also saw in it the chance to try a bunch of new stuff without the risk of ruining a picture that I was really attached to.

Here's what happened:

(I uploaded a larger image than usual because I'm not very worried about anyone stealing this one. If someone did, I think I'd just be incredibly flattered)

Something that threatens many watercolor-technique artists is what Barron Storey calls "your whites getting cold on you." That is, when you slap a little white paint on top of a perfectly good painting, it often looks kind of blue. The problem with THAT is that, more often than not, when you want an area to be lighter it's because you want it to feel like it's coming toward the viewer to some degree, but if that lightened area looks colder than the surrounding colors then the effect doesn't work very well.

In a nutshell, I spent a week (that I didn't have) learning to paint opaque colors over my transparent washes without it looking weird. For the most part, I did an okay job.

Thanks for checking it out! Stop by next week for another APE-ic post :O


  1. Honestly you are such a great artist! There is a good reason why we came back to you and every person that see's the covers of our albums or see's the posters says that your work is amazing! I'm excited to see what art you create next and I'm always amazed by what you have made! That picture is amazing and if you wouldn't mind, could we use that for our art book for the new LP coming out in October? At the moment we have about 10 pieces and if you wouldn't mind I think that would make a fantastic centerfold! ;D
    Old Soul

  2. Thanks Jimmy! (and the rest of the band!)

    I'm definitely cool with you guys using the image for your LP, but I'll send you an email soon with details and a higher res version.

    Talk to you soon!