Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the last t-shirt you'll ever need... Carl Sagan

A.P.E. is a scant FIVE days away and it's high time I gave you a glimpse of one of my super secret projects:

Carl Sagan t-shirts!  I relentlessly watched Cosmos and mercilessly drew Carl Sagan until I really figured out what he looked like and set about making something that captured more than just his face.

If you're not into the black on dark blue, I also made shirts in a few other snazzy colors.

(my camera couldn't handle the purple and teal shirts; they look much better in person)

And each t-shirt is inscribed with a very important message from Carl Sagan,

Carl Sagan had so many amazing things to say about humankind and our relationship to the universe at large as well as to one another that it's impossible not to love the guy. 

I'll have these shirts for sale at APE this weekend then on my official webshop shortly thereafter.  The purple shirts gave me some complications, so once these are gone I probably won't make anymore.  Get em while they're hot!

Thanks for checking it out!  See you at APE!

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