Friday, January 4, 2013

As one year ends, another gets SUPER PUMPED

So long 2012!  I managed to survive the holiday season and moved into another new place, this time one with epic floor space and a room that will be dedicated entirely to screenprinting.  I also took a minute to make this little graphite drawing:

it actually took a few minutes

It's pretty small, about 4x5 inches, and a pleasant departure from the usual things I do.

I also spotted the drummer of one of my favorite bands wearing my Carl Sagan t-shirt! 

I've got a PS2 and Tekken Tag, yeah!

This year is going to be amazing.  I'm going to MoCCA and SPX, sending art to France, appearing in an artbook or two, making my own artbook or two, concocting new t-shirts, and even making wacky new music.

Get psyched, it's going to be the best year yet.

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