Friday, April 12, 2013

MoCCA wrapup

MoCCA Fest was a total success.  I got to trade art and have dinner with  some of my with longtime heroes, meet a ton of sweet people, and sharpened my axe-wielding skills cleaving through hordes of tourists to get to my hotel elevator.  At one point I was in competition with Irene Gallo for a Greg Ruth original, buuuut I'm pretty sure she won.  Ah well...

I shared my table with the inimitable Jenna Trost, and next to us were the unstoppable duo of Magic Card superstar Chase Stone and the amazing Angela Rizza. We were visited by the unstoppable Greg Ruth, one of my all-time favorite artists Nathan Fox,  juggernaut of illustration Irene Gallo herself, and the one true most interesting man in the world, Allen Spiegel.  

Of course there were countless others, like the monstrous Michael Manomivibul, but my brain was a bubbling pile of goo by Monday morning.  

As promised, I brought a handful of little ink drawings to give out to people who knew me online and only one person collected!  Here are a few that made their way into peoples' homes via other means

Thanks to everyone who came by and talked to us!  We'll be back next year for sure.

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